Our code of ethics

H&P Search & Interim följer de etiska regler som är antagna av ESK

Privacy, Confidentiality and Objective Assessments

Our ethical rules

We would like to emphasize in particular the importance of the following:

All knowledge/information that we receive from the client regarding the company, its employees and operations, is treated confidentially.

We give our candidates as realistic and factual a picture as possible of the position, its contents, and of the expectations and opportunities for development.

No candidate is presented to a client without his/her prior approval, and has expressed a desire to be presented for the position in question.

Before taking a reference, the candidate has been informed and given his/her consent.

Under no circumstances do we look for candidates with current or previous clients for a period of at least one year following the completion of an assignment.

Confidentiality and safeguarding the privacy of the individual are fundamental to our business.  All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the GDPR.