Do you need help recruiting a whole sales organisation for a limited period?

Maybe you are approaching the launch of a new product or service, but are not entirely sure of the potential or likelihood of achieving success.  In such a situation, recruiting an entire organisation with new employees can be risky and expensive.  The solution may be to allow us to take responsibility.  We recruit the new organisation, preferably including the sales manager, and you hire it from us during the launch phase.  Based on the outcome after an initial period, you can then choose one of two paths: either maintain, expand or reduce the hired organisation or, alternatively, take over the employment of parts, or the whole organization, and on favourable terms.

The agreed candidate profile and timeline for the assignment will be confirmed in writing.  At least two of our consultants are involved in every assignment.  However, you will always have one dedicated point of contact at H&P for every project.

What do your needs look like?

We adapt to your specific needs.  Contact us today for an initial discussion and we will get back to you with a tailor-made proposal that suits your organisation and your needs.