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Our process

Step 1 – Start-up meeting: who are we looking for?

During the initial meeting, we will create with you a requirement profile of the ideal candidate.  Together, we will identify the competencies, skills and personality type that are needed for the position in question.  We will also take into consideration the company’s organisation and culture, and opportunities for the candidate’s development.

The agreed candidate profile and the timeline for the assignment will be confirmed in writing.  At least two of our consultants are involved in every assignment.  You will always have a dedicated point of contact at H&P for every project.

Step 2 – First interview stage

The first interview stage with potential candidates is aimed at identifying those who fulfil the formal requirements and have the right motivation for the role.  Again, at least two of our consultants will be involved in every assignment, one of whom you will always have as your dedicated point of contact with us. (Den sista meningen här är en upprepning av Steg 1; du kanske vill ta bort den)

Step 3 – Presentation of long list

A ‘long list’ will be presented to you, the client. From this list we will agree on which candidates will be chosen for an in-depth interview.


Step 4 – In-depth interviews

During our in-depth interviews we use ‘competence based’ interview techniques based on the competencies and skills that were identified during the initial meeting.


Step 5 – Candidate presentation

The candidates will be presented along with a written summary and assessment of the in-depth interviews.


Step 6 – Tests

Together with you, we will pick out which of the candidates will be tested and which types of test are going to be appropriate for the position in question. All of H&P’s consultants are certified in personality and skills testing in accordance with Cut-e’s method.


Step 7 – Reference taking

Taking detailed references is included within the assignment. This is an important part of the recruitment process and we normally take 3-4 references per candidate. The results will be reported to you in writing.


Step 8 – Background checks

If so desired, we will also do a background check on the selected final candidate.


Step 9 – Follow-up

During the first six months, we will maintain contact with both the candidate and the recruitment officer to ensure the successful follow through of the appointment.  It is important that both the organisation and the newly-employed candidate are comfortable in their positions.