Pharmacovigilance officer

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is an independent non-profit foundation and centre for medicine safety and scientific research. Our vision is a world where all patients and health professionals make wise therapeutic decisions in their use of medicines. Our mission is to support and promote patient safety through effective global pharmacovigilance practice. UMC explores the benefits and risks of medicines to help minimise harm to patients, and offers products and services used by health authorities and life-science companies. The UMC PV product portfolio offering effectively support national pharmacovigilance practices and core regulatory processes to enhance patient safety nationally and globally. For 40 years, UMC has provided scientific leadership and operational support to the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring.

 Do you want to support and promote global patient safety?

Do you want to contribute to safer usage of medicines, by supporting national pharmacovigilance center’s globally, to successful use of the UMC pharmacovigilance product offering?

Then maybe you are the one we are looking for as a Consultant as:

Pharmacovigilance Officer

H&P Search & Interim is now looking for a Consultant for a 12 months assignment, at least, as Pharmacovigilance Officer at Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC). You will be employed by H&P Search & Interim and you will be working at the UMC facilities in Uppsala, Sweden. The assignment may be prolonged and a future employment at UMC is also possible.

Aim of function & position:

  • To ensure the pharmacovigilance portfolio offerings meets the need of the customer thus support wise therapeutic decision making by patients and health professionals.
  • To support the process of identifying any indication of a potential drug safety problem, as soon as possible, with as few resources as possible, and to assist in the evaluation of these insights and the assessment of impact to the current benefit-risk profile of the involved drug(s)​.
  • To enable all members of the WHO programme fully utilize the value of the global data asset, VigiBase, and a network that has agree to share their insights in drug safety issues​.
  • To support members achieving value and sustainable change by successful use of the UMC pharmacovigilance product offering.


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Support the users in daily pharmacovigilance product issues.
  • Support the customer by advising use of the offerings within the pharmacovigilance product portfolio.
  • With the customer identify objectives and goals for the implementation of the UMC pharmacovigilance
  • With the customer map current work processes and assess the impact of needed change.
  • With the customer define goals and objectives to enable best possible value of the client’s investment and a successful usage of the products.
  • Take part in onboarding activities and proactively identify specific customer needs. This includes identifying areas of dissatisfaction and to suggests activities to address the needs.
  • Support in product development by ensuring feedback of the customer (e.g. the voice of the customer needs) to the Portfolio manager.
  • Actively engage customers to ensure they get maximum value from their pharmacovigilance product portfolio investment.



  • BSc. or M.Sc in Life Science such as Pharmacy or Medicine, or similar.
  • Experience working with product support in a regulatory environment within the Life science industry such as Pharmaceutical, CRO or MedTech.
  • Experience from pharmacovigilance processes is a merit as well as experience from any of the following: technical writing, written support communication, training development, executing trainings and product management.
  • Experienced in intracultural communication.
  • Languages: Fluency in English and preferably also in French. Fluency in other languages, such as Spanish and Russian is meritorious.


Who are you?

We are looking for an individual who can make a difference in patient safety globally by providing outstanding pharmacovigilance product support, someone who is highly motivated and brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to work. You have excellent communicative and -networking skills. Furthermore, you are analytical, result oriented and comes up with sound and rational judgements and you are viewing tasks with a systematic approach. You also possess strong written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills. You are a team player who thinks it is important to share your ideas and experiences with your colleagues. You inspire others through your dedication and passion for your work.

Next steps:

If this sounds interesting to you, contact one of us below for more information. Alternatively, you can apply directly by uploading your resume and by emailing us a line.

We look forward to your application!

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